Flying Fifteen with a Cuddy …..?!?!

Cuddy 1This was forwarded to us by Bob Beard!!  Can anyone cast any light on to this question??!!

Have found a Flying Fifteen for sale cheap here in Tasmania.  It came from Canberra about 6 years ago.  Was owned by an older bloke there.  

Cuddy 2The Number on the sails is 975.  I think this boat would strip & refurbish fine, all the fittings are there.  Sure some have been restored worse than this.

However it has a cuddy cabin. This appears to be the originally moulded deck not a later add on.  Were some F15’s made with cuddy?

If this is some real odd ball probably seriously compromises what it is worth post refurbish.  Is there somewhere I should look for a builders plate?  I only want a boat for mixed fleet club racing at local club..  

Would appreciate your very brief thoughts.


Craig Titmus

4 thoughts on “Flying Fifteen with a Cuddy …..?!?!

  1. I was the original owner of FF 619 Schuss. It was launched 1965 and fitted with a cuddy. All cuddy boats were built by David Hinkley in Sydney. I found it had a lot of weather helm when close hauled, but that improved when David gave me a balanced rudder, foam filled that could float if it ever came away, it never did. The weather helm was almost abolished when the great Peter Cole whom I knew made me a beautiful tapered mast with boom and sails to match, and I installed a traveller across the middle of the cockpit with center boom mainsheet to be able to sheet the main straight down off wind at greater angles off the wind than I could get with end boom sheeting. I sailed with SASC and due mainly to my friend and f’d hand Peter Nicholls, we won a lot of races.
    I sold it, I felt that it was like selling your child. To my chagrin, it was re-named Moy.
    I think that Moy was in middle harbour, but never raced.
    I sailed a great many boats, both big and small, monohulls and cats, in Oz and in Canada, but none came close to sailing my FF.
    Dr David S. Sinclair
    Now in

  2. I now own this boat with a cuddy. Sail #975 Built by Hinkley. It was restored to a high standard by Craig Titmus and Jim McKenna. I have been told recently there were some FFs in Goolwa with cuddys could be they were built by Hinkley as training boats for that club. Don’t know why they were built like that because mine is still a pretty wet boat. I honestly don’t think the cuddy makes one bit of difference to the boat at all. Just wondering though, as I sail in a mixed fleet it is not an issue but would it still be legal in a Flying Fifteen fleet? I have named her Uffa FFox Sake!.

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