Flying Fifteen with a Cuddy …..?!?!

Cuddy 1This was forwarded to us by Bob Beard!!  Can anyone cast any light on to this question??!!

Have found a Flying Fifteen for sale cheap here in Tasmania.  It came from Canberra about 6 years ago.  Was owned by an older bloke there.  

Cuddy 2The Number on the sails is 975.  I think this boat would strip & refurbish fine, all the fittings are there.  Sure some have been restored worse than this.

However it has a cuddy cabin. This appears to be the originally moulded deck not a later add on.  Were some F15’s made with cuddy?

If this is some real odd ball probably seriously compromises what it is worth post refurbish.  Is there somewhere I should look for a builders plate?  I only want a boat for mixed fleet club racing at local club..  

Would appreciate your very brief thoughts.


Craig Titmus

3 thoughts on “Flying Fifteen with a Cuddy …..?!?!

  1. I was the original owner of FF 619 Schuss. It was launched 1965 and fitted with a cuddy. All cuddy boats were built by David Hinkley in Sydney. I found it had a lot of weather helm when close hauled, but that improved when David gave me a balanced rudder, foam filled that could float if it ever came away, it never did. The weather helm was almost abolished when the great Peter Cole whom I knew made me a beautiful tapered mast with boom and sails to match, and I installed a traveller across the middle of the cockpit with center boom mainsheet to be able to sheet the main straight down off wind at greater angles off the wind than I could get with end boom sheeting. I sailed with SASC and due mainly to my friend and f’d hand Peter Nicholls, we won a lot of races.
    I sold it, I felt that it was like selling your child. To my chagrin, it was re-named Moy.
    I think that Moy was in middle harbour, but never raced.
    I sailed a great many boats, both big and small, monohulls and cats, in Oz and in Canada, but none came close to sailing my FF.
    Dr David S. Sinclair
    Now in

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