The Rudder Thing….!!

As a follow up to the rudder article it seems that the rudder post sloping forward became fashion as a result of John Calvert-Jones’s visit from  Australia in 1973 when he won the UK championships in a boat called Flight 3.  At the time he sailed with Davey’s Bay Yacht Club  near Melbourne.  His success in winning the championships was to set the trend that lead to today’s configuration.

John Calvert-Jones though heavily involved in Australian sailing was in fact born in Aldershot, Hants in 1937 and is an accomplished sailor having won the Fastnet race. He married into the Murdoch family becoming Ruprt Murdochs brother in Law in 1962.

Attached is the extract from the Flying Fifteen Register

Paul Taylor

Fling fifteen rudder article register

2 thoughts on “The Rudder Thing….!!

  1. I well remember Johns boat at Lowestoft he apparently arrived a week before the Nationals and put his boat in the water and it stayed there till the Nationals was over .
    The rest of us competitors couldn’t believe that he was just using two fingers on his tiller to steer his boat upwind whilst the rest of us were using more like two hands!!!
    When he eventually took his boat out of the water a group of us gathered round to see what was different about his boat(* it was a bit like the unveiling of Australia’s keel when they won the Americas cup)
    It was immediately apparent that his rudder stock instead of being placed in the middle on the flange of his rudder( that was the norm at the time) was instead right at the back and that indeed sparked off the balanced rudder in the class

    • The Rudder Thing.
      Bill Shand used a balanced rudder in his first F/F550 in 1962 the rudder John Cavert-Jones used in Flight 111 at Lowestoft was made by Bill Shand

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