Hong Kong Worlds – May 2013 Newsletter ….!!

19th Flying Fifteen World Championships – Newsletter

No. 3 – May 2013

Flying Fifteen Inlands Chew Valley Lake SC  May 2013

Many thanks to everyone who has completed the entry form thus far.  The entry list is now available on the event website athttp://www.rhkyc.org.hk/ffworldsentry.aspx

Reminder of entry cut-off date

For those of you who are thinking of competing in either the Hong Kong Nationals or the World Championships later this year then please don’t forget that entries close on Saturday 1st June so you have just over ten days to submit your entry – the forms can be found at http://www.rhkyc.org.hk/events/ffworlds.aspx?reg=show

Processing of entry fees

In the early part of next week we will be publishing the link to the payments system on the website so that everyone who has entered will be able to pay by credit card, using the Pay Pal system.  An email with the link will be sent to everyone who has entered to date.

Delivery of containers

As some of you will know there has been a discussion around the proposed location of the containers during the event.  There are basically two choices – either to keep them at Kellett Island (in Victoria Harbour) or to keep them at Middle Island (where the event will be run from).

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club believes that it is in everyone’s interests that the containers go to Middle Island, but there is a significant cost in getting them there. The RHKYC will pick up this cost but will look to the competitors to pay the normal container terminal handling charges (including the River Trade Terminal charges) and an additional HK$6,000 per container, which will effectively be a contribution to the barging costs.

The net position is therefore that competitors will be able to have their containers with them at Middle Island for the whole event for only a small additional cost over and above the cost of transporting the containers to Kellett Island.

Lucy Sutro Lindsay Lyons
HKFFA Class Secretary
Telephone : +852 9851 2829
Email : Flyingfifteen@rhkyc.org.hk
RHKYC Sailing Office
Telephone : +852 2239 0391
Email : Lindsay.lyons@rhkyc.org.hk

If you would like to receive regular updates about the Flying Fifteen Worlds 2013, please register here


Lindsay Lyons

Race and Regatta Promotion

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


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