Waples Wines Northern Travellers Kicks Off at Bassenthwaite…..!!

Fleet still racingRound 1 of the Series took place at Bassenthwaite Sailing Club on the 18th and 19th May.  The event was attended by visitors from Loch Lomond, Royal Windermere, Derwent Reservoir and Dovestone joining a healthy and resurgent Bassenthswaite fleet.  On Saturday the forecast gales did not appear.  In their place was heavy rainfall during the first part of the day, very light winds and mist obscuring the fells and glory of Skiddaw.

End of last race

The Fleet of 13 boats set launched in very little wind in hope of better things to come.  Conditions flattered to deceive and it was only possible to complete one race in very light wind which produced a number of place changes as the fickle breeze varied and holes appeared in the wind.

paddling homeAfter a pleasant evening enjoying the usual great welcome at Bassenthwaite, Sunday dawned, without rain or mist but glass-like water.  After a short postponement the Fleet launched and sailed a race in a fickle force 1 – 2.  This was followed after lunch with a second race in which the wind virtually died away mid race.  Sitting still was the order of the day.

Round 2 of the Series will be at Ogston Sailing Club near Chesterfield on the 15th and 16th of June.  Two further legs in the Series will take place at Burton Sailing Club near Derby and Dovestone Sailing Club near Manchester in September and October.

The results for the Waples Wines Series qualifiers are as follows:-



Sail No


Helm Name

Crewe Name



Open 3906 Derwent John Hardesty John Mathie



Silver 3281 Bassenthwaite Graham Kirkpatrick Sally Roberts



Open 3770 Bassenthwaite Neil Platt Mark Somerville


Silver 3390 Bassenthwaite Tim Chittendon Ian Macpherson


Open 4017 Royal Windermere Phil Snewin Ros Coleman


Open 3520 Bassenthwaite Neil Currie Rory Yardley

7  Silver   3293    Bassenthwaite      Andy Smith         Ian Preston

8  Open  3996     Bassenthwaite     Mike Moore         Michaela Sheard

9  Open   3815    Bassenthwaite     Ian Campbell        Lesli Ann Pearson

10   Open  3685  Loch Lomond   Steve Lee      Matt Lee

11   Classic   2504   Bassenthwaite   Rory Blackburn   Alan Jones

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