Rudder Talk – and Not Just for Classics Either….!!

Have you seen this very good article on Classic rudders from the Fleet at Cardiff Bay??  The main focus is on Classics, but there is a good amount that owners of Silvers and Open Fleet boats will learn from it too.

Here is a download if you would like more of the background.

3 thoughts on “Rudder Talk – and Not Just for Classics Either….!!

  1. This article is very true. I changed my original rudder (unbalanced) to a modern balanced one and it transformed the feel of the boat, being much lighter on the helm and giving much better feedback. A secondary benefit is that at high speed the old rudder could cavitate and stall out, leading to loss of control and a wipeout, which is ultimately what broke it. I have never had this problem with the new rudder, which is also thicker in section and has a much better profile than the old, thinner blade, so the water flow stays attached much longer.

    In my case, the rudder was oredered through P&B and I sent details of the angle of the rudder post, length etc.The resulting made to measure unit fitted exactly and, as I say, works very well indeed.

    Graham Lamond

  2. I have to say I echo the comments. I sail a Silver and when the rudder sheered due to metal fatigue, I replaced it with a second hand one of a much newer boat. Not a special to fit, but my goodness, it really had an impact on the boat, quicker to turn, felt faster and no more fighting with the rudder. I would say if any one change is going to have a massive impact, then start here.

    Excellent article by the way.

    Malcolm FF2864

  3. Thanks for your endorsement gentlemen, the transformation is dramatic isn’t it! P&B aren’t the only option, Brett Dingwall can help and also Tony Mackillican.

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