Silvers and Differences in the Windebank Mk IV…..!!

Differences In Windebank MKIV

I would like to point out that the boats in the 3200 3400 catagory are made up of quite a few Windebank MK IX and as a previous owner of one of these possibly the first 3213 I would say that quality is the main issue when compared to a Ovi MK IX or even Windebank IV and certainly the main reason I upgraded to 3385 which is an Ovi. My windebank had 13mm difference in shroud length to keep the mast staight which I believe is not uncommon and the shroud anchors were made up of ply laminated into the gunwhales which had gone soft and had to be dug out and replaced with carbon blocks as It was becoming difficult to get consistent rig tension settings.
In Shetland we have a large Silver fleet of about 15 boats made up of all makes Coryn, Windebank IV, VIII and IX OVI IX, Amos and Naylor which covers most of the significant builders and all of the boats are competitive in fleet conditions, we also sail in a mixed fleet made up of mainly Fireballs all of which are wide bow winders and sailed very competitively and Albacores again speeds and ovingtons which are fully up to date. When we sailed on the general Fifteen handicap we struggled to be competitive and in the last couple of years we have adopted the Silver fleet handicap for the mixed fleet racing which we feel proves to be about right and evens everyones chances we have also backed this up with sailwave which is giving us numbers just about the same as we are sailing on.
Therefore to say that up to 3200 is fair is misleadind as there are many quick boats within this catagory which are not OVI’s just as there are many boats who through design, mainteance or build quality are not competitive it is just a case of being careful what you buy as with anything.


Ritchie Fraser

3 thoughts on “Silvers and Differences in the Windebank Mk IV…..!!

  1. Hi Ritchie

    If you are sailing with sail numbers under 3400, no boats were built by my self under this number, the first being 3478.

    For info 3569 looks to have been very competitive in the top 10 at Grafham with 3900 boats.


  2. My understanding of the move to 3400 as the upper limit of silver boats is that is the number that Ovi worked his magic on the mould and developed the smoothie.

  3. Hello Ritchie,

    just bought 3213 for £200 on ebay. No plans to race just spruce up and potter about. Would be grateful for any history of tips as I am new to fifteens.

    David Pedley

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