BIFFA Launches “FF Crewsearch”…..!!

BIFFA is launching it’s own website section to help match up potential helm and crew teams.  The idea is very much that Fleet Captains and Owners can place their own ‘adverts’ on the BIFFA website, much as you might in using the ‘Boats for Sale/Wanted’ Facility.

It’s free to use for Members, especially Fleet Captains and we hope if successful it will become the defacto tool for matching crews and helms used by all our Club Fleets.

If we make it too elaborate it might become too challenging to use, so Simon Thompson has kept it pretty simple for us.

We’re looking for plenty of ideas here to how to make it most effective, easy to use, easy to find etc. So don’t hold back your comments!!

First up is a ‘crew wanted’ advert for Mervyn Wright at Datchet.  Take a look by clicking here!

You can also use the new menu button at the bottom left hand row of the black strip, under the photo above.

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