And Paul Taylor on the Silvers……

I know this is only a question of semantics, but another division might confuse folk. Depending on the numbers racing different PY’s for sails 3400-3700 could be applied within the existing silver division.
What needs to be understood is why the newer boats are faster? If it’s construction with different materials, then the introduction of the new method becomes the cut off point. The hull shape is the same after all.
Bobby’s post needs to be put in perspective as well, most of the classics I sail against wouldn’t have the faintest hope of getting near a  3600 sail number, it is a tribute to Bobby and his CREW together with his superb boat that they even come close!

Paul Taylor

One thought on “And Paul Taylor on the Silvers……

  1. This Open, silver, classic thing is all about ‘Potential’ not age. The arguments go along the lines of – ‘my boat is old and worn so therefore I should be given a better chance’. But this doesn’t really cut the mustard.

    If you take a old silver, give some polish to the hull, fettle the keel, modern rudder, new mast , spar and pulleys then finish it off with new sails it will be faster than it was before, maybe putting it at the top of the silver fleet for speed, same goes for a classic. Both will be better but nothing will address the change in hull shape or the improvements in the tolerances that sets the open boats apart. Good but its never going to get over that hump.

    Now what about me in my 3401 open? because its old, and a bit heavy and slow then I want to be in the silver class, but give the same treatment to that boat and wow, suddenly I am right up in the open fleet again, still not on an even rating with the newest design made of carbon and bells and whistles but fast non the less.

    The open boat suffers no more disadvantage than an early silver racing a late silver or an early classic racing a new classic, do you see my point? The answer is not to move boats down into the silver band, by that same token when do we start moving silvers down into the classic band?

    No the answer lies somewhere else, maybe if it has any carbon in, then it should carry more weight, after all isn’t the point of carbon and resin to make the boat last LONGER rather than just be more competitive out of the blocks.


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