New Insurance Certificates – A Little Delay…..!!

For those of us that have our insurance on the new super-duper BIFFA Insurance scheme, although we all have acknowledgements from our broker, we haven’t yet received our insurance certificates. Probably, most of you, like me, had not noticed !!

This is the explanation from our Broker, Dan Blake, at UK Global…..

“Dear Policyholder

For those of you who have recently renewed your F15 policy with us or indeed taken up a new policy following a quotation, you may be wondering why you’ve not yet received your Certificate of Insurance along with the new policy wording.

The main reason is because following further negotiations with Navigators & General the policy will now include a new Personal Accident section. This cover pays out fixed lump sum benefits for members aged between 16-70 if they suffer Loss of Limbs, Loss of Sight or Permanent Total Disablement as a result of an accident whilst aboard an insured craft.

Since the inclusion of this section, N&G are now looking at enhancing the cover even further following the recent tragic accident resulting in the death of a 14 year old boy ( We are currently looking at the possibility of including Accidental Death cover and extending the age limits to include under 16 year olds.

You will be pleased to learn that these enhancements will be automatically included in your policy and the premium will remain unaltered.

Once the final version of the policy has been authorised by the FSA, we will immediately issue the Certificates and wording to you. In the meantime, should you require evidence of cover for your sailing club, then we can provide “Confirmation of Cover” in writing to you.

We thank you for your continuing patience and support and trust you understand that the delays are as a result of further enhancements to the BIFFA insurance scheme.

If you have any queries about Personal Accident cover or indeed anything to do with the policy, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Dan Blake


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