Association Membership : Fleet Size……..!!!

A few days ago we wrote about the league table of Clubs for BIFFA Membership.  I’ve taken a few minutes to add the census survey data as it stood 18 months ago in summer 2011.

Of course, the club fleet sizes flex quite a bit  in the course of 18 months. In our case, it certainly has and we have a slight reduction in boat numbers – thankfully mainly in the unraced stock of boats – but that inflates the apparent number of non-Association Members in that scenario. Also you have to recognise and adjust for people who have two (or more!) boats, and also where the Club itself may own some boats for training, trial sailing etc.

The next thing that can really distort this is “Honourary Members” and the like – it has a significant effect on Royal Windermere for example, as it’s like Mount Olympus up there – inhabited by Gods…. There are four categories of member which may distort the overall numbers – Associate, Honorary, Joint Owners and ‘non-boat owning’, but the instances are really quite limited in number.

So bearing all that in mind, take a look at this fleet table – sorted in size order for those fleets where FF owners choose not to belong to the Association are ranked at the top of the table….. Sorry – being a bit playfully mischievous here (!!), best treat it as an approximate guide for the reasons above!!!

Click here

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