More on the Interesting Console Debate….!!

Console 3217This is a very similar console to that of which was in my fifteen (3217) when I first picked it up a few years ago.
Unfortunately with age and wear and tear it broke a leg in a strong breeze and I got a new one built out of hardened galvanized steel. I designed it with a 180 degrees rotation so I could have a rear facing plate for cleats and a cross bar to bolt some blocks onto.
I love my `Tea Table` style console and it gives my crew and I much more room than most other boats.
Here is a picture after I got the boat back and I was working through re-rigging the console, just over 18 months ago, Its still as strong as the day it was fitted.

Simon Fraser

4 thoughts on “More on the Interesting Console Debate….!!

  1. If I am not mistaken, 3217 is “Take No Prisoners”, Alan Robinson’s boat before he got “Love at First Feel”, featured earlier in this debate. This hull was another early “Miller”. You can see the similarity between the “consoles” which I personally think are a pretty good design. As an aside, “Take No Prisoners” was the boat I won my first Flying 15 open meeting in, crewing for Alan at Northampton in about 1989!!

    Ian (Anorak) Preston
    FF 3293

    • Hi Ian,
      You are most certainly correct, 3217 “Take No Prisoners” as per the documents though a previous owner has put stickers on the hull with the name “Too Ffast 2 Ffurious”, and it was build by “Miller”, this will be the third year I have the boat now (my first Fifteen) and it still sails perfectly.

      The new console I had fitted was a slight improvement over the original mainly due to having a plate designed to fit more blocks and cleats, and the attractive mahogany finish on top that also raised the jammer.

      Simon Fraser

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