The Olympic Centre has given sailing a real lift here, don’t you think??  You’ll have seen that the FF Nationals will be there in 2013. I don’t know if it’s on our list as a potential venue for Europeans and Worlds just yet.

I noticed that he Dragons are going 3 times in 2013 – Southerns, Edinburgh Cup and their Worlds.

It’s just super that a world class keelboat venue is here now, right on our doorstep.  Not a bad legacy !!

1 thought on “Weymouth…..!!

  1. Its a fantastic venue but!!!!
    Yes there has to be a but. The but is there are no Flying Fifteens sailing there.
    If the class wants to encourage new members then it must be seen to have good championship turnouts and this can only be done by going to clubs with good fleets. I am sure Parkstone or Hayling would field 10 more local club boats if the Championships were there.
    This was certainly the case in Australia at Daveys Bay where lots of local boats turned out that otherwise would not travel.
    I have only recently joined the class and I did so because of great local sailing and a good national circuit. No I didnt care if it had plastic sails or a different rig.
    It is important to encourage the middle and lower part of the fleet (where most sailors will sail) and you do that by making them inclusive and sailing at their clubs where they will take part.
    Yes I am sure Weymouth will be great for those of us who go but dont be surprised if the bulk of the fleet dont turn up.

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