Big Boys Go Faster – with Hydes Perhaps ….!!!!

Did you see the recent Y&Y press release published by Hydes??  (see FF Blog, Jan 15th)

Richard Lovering sent us a sail buying guide which particularly caught my eye.  I started to sail FFs about 20 years ago and with my then partner we were about 31-32 stone.  At that time, 27 stone was thought to be the optimum.  When I teamed up with someone the ‘right’ weight, we went a lot faster!!

When I was up in P&B a couple of years ago, Alan told me he thought the optimum weight was going up steadily.  If you sail with someone chunky then you are going to like this weight criterion from Hydes….  They do mainsails for above and below 30 stones weight !!

Click here to read the Hydes Sail Guide.


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