More on Centre Consoles…….!!

bowen console 1Here are photos of the center console fit out and the mock up that I made to check the dimensions etc. At the moment it is all dry fitted, and the deck bushes need bonding in.
There are 8 cleats hidden below the console, and a fairlead below each cleat to prevent the line becoming uncleated when my feet are moving around under the console. The 8 controls are kicker, cunningham, outhaul, rig tension, ram+, ram-, pole uphaul and a pole downhaul to prevent the pole bouncing.Bowen console 2
The main jammer is on the front of the console so that I can tack without going for a stroll to the back of the boat. I have had this arrangement on 3351 for the last three years and it works well, although on the rare occasions when I have borrowed a large crew they have mentioned that the front of the boat is a bit less spacious than they are used to!
Chris Bowen
bowen console 3
bowen console 4

5 thoughts on “More on Centre Consoles…….!!

  1. Nice work Chris, are you using continuous string so there are no ends ?
    e.g. the ram pre bend twins with the ram straightener

  2. I’m not planning to use continuous string, because it makes a loop that feet or even the end of the tiller extension can get caught in. Originally I had planned to have elasticated take ups on the less frequently used control lines, but lack of space on the top of the console prevented me from doing so. The plan is to use 4mm spliceable rope for the control lines and thread the end of the line back through itself, making a 5.6mm diameter tail that is easy to handle.

  3. Great work Chris. It’s hard to imagine any faults with what you have outlined.
    We have a 2 year old Ovington with a wing top console and a new Ovington about to be ordered which will be fitted out here in Melbourne, Australia.
    I was planning a flat top console with something similar to yours in mind but you have done all the work.
    Would it be possible to advise where you sourced the stainless ferrulles from.
    All the best, David Williamson.

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