New BIFFA Website Launched….!!!

The fabulous new BIFFA website has been launched !!!

Have you seen it??  Click on “BIFFA Website” in the black stripe beneath the photo above.

What do you think??

– the best way to check it out for errors etc is that we all give it a good stress test. Let the webmaster know what you think and any glitches you find, by using the “contact” button at the top right hand corner of the website.

– Fleet Captains straight away should check the accuracy of the fixtures list…  is your open meeting shown on there correctly??  Or all your club details correct in the listing of Clubs??

– Simon Thompson and his team at WSI have done a great job of this for us.  My being in foreign time zones means that I missed the BIFFA Committee conference call this evening – but it may be that there is still more content to load, so if you think something is missing from the old site, just be patient.

– we are looking for a much increased focus on Classics and Silvers. Kevin Gleave (FF28) has kindly volunteered to get this going, so if you have ideas and especially content, photos etc, use the “Contact” button at the top of the website to get in touch with Kevin.

– we are looking to do much more with the Members area. Simon has tried to set it up so that you don’t need to keep logging in every time.  I’ve got a few thoughts about which way to go with this, but let us have your ideas too.

– the News Section will take over from the FF Blog.  You should find that WSI have carried across all the content library from the Blog and that all your and my submissions are in there.  My intent is to post material in parallel for a while, and then let the two diverge again so that the Datchet Fleet can have it’s online presence back.  Take a look and let us know what you think.



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