FF Build Numbers March Onwards….!!!

It’s only about 10 weeks since I collected my own new Ovi numbered 4011…..  and Chris Bowen has just written in to say for his new boat currently at P&B it looks like his allocated sail number looks like it will be 4016 or 4017…!!

Blimey – that’s simply excellent progress. It was only January of this year when Steve Goacher sailed the brand new 3998 to victory in Perth…. so ahead of the Hoing Kong Worlds it looks like we are having a very strong build year.

4 thoughts on “FF Build Numbers March Onwards….!!!

  1. A correction on boat #’s. The boat Steve Goacher sailed in the Aust nationals in Perth was 3988. Allan Bax sailed 3987, both new Ovingtons. Mike Hart sailed 3775, a Sailpower boat.
    regards, Richard B. Perth, WA.

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