The 2012 Build Rates……!!

I noted your comments on hulls built per annum with some interest, as this seems an excellent result for the Fifteen(we had one at Bass this year, No 3996). The wayfarer has all those sailing schools and holiday clubs, but is still astonishing even in the revised Mk4 mode which looks much better than previously. The Solo has had 80-100 hulls a year for the last 7-8 years at least, and as an ex-Solo sailor it seems to defy explanation, there are lots of builders and you can get it in FRP, composite, and even real wood, and for a 12 ft’sh  boat , at a cost of £6-7K with all the bits, it is quite extraordinary, but it does offer good one design racing ,without requiring extreme agility or anything else, and it’s easy to manage on shore etc, you just turn up and race. Very strange.

Chris Rolle

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