The “Baxie String”……!!

Do you have a name for that bit of string that secures the tack of the mainsail around the mast??  We call ours the “Baxie String” as it was Alan who first got us to try it out on our boat.  We had previously been dedicated “split pin in the boom end” guys….

The Cunningham Line was invented by Briggs Cunningham, an America’s Cup Skipper, so for our team to devote the tack line to Alan Bax seems OK!!  That reminds me that all the top Dragon sailors have a control line, unnamed at first, now universally known as the “fuculator”…. because if you don’t remember to pull it on during the run, that’s what’ll happen next to you….

Anyway, to return to the Baxie string – a silver FF owner wrote into the Blog a few weeks ago asking if he should do use a Baxie String on his boat.  The answer from me, right or wrong, was “only if your mainsail has been cut for it”.  At the time, we had a regular Goacher main in our collection and the tack of the main looked very much as if it had been cut assuming you would not use a split pin – but a Goachie String in this case. The foot design  hooked upward at the tack end.

So I was surprised recently to unpack a Goacher E2P main at the club and was surprised to see that it was cut absolutely straight across the foot in toward the tack.  Interesting. Must try and find out more.

2 thoughts on “The “Baxie String”……!!

  1. The “Tack Line” is, I believe, the correct term! BTW, in the Fireball, we had a system that secured the spinny in the bags upwind which we called the “Twangers” i.e. “remember to release the Twangers before the Windward Mark”!!

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