Yachts and Yachting – Annual Dinghy Classes Review…..

(November 25th)

The Y&Y keelboat classes review will be in your letterbox soon.  I was just looking through the Dinghy Classes Review. The FF sort of sits across the two, of course – we have a foot in each market.

I always scour for two bits of news – turnout numbers at Championships and build rates in the year. I completed the FF Class input for the keelboat review in early November.

On the Championship numbers, we would normally hope to be in the top 20 or so as far as dinghy numbers are concerned.  We had 3 dozen boats up at Largs, which unfortunately would not make the top 25 listed.

Better news though on the build rates and the money invested in our Class.  In the twelve months to October 30th, 25 FF’s were registered (global number) and it stacked up pretty well in the dinghy market. Adjust for the price of a Flying Fifteen relative to a Dinghy and in terms of money invested in the Class, we did VERY well.

I always feel that if a Class does not state its build rate in Y&Y, then most probably they built zero.  And that is the majority of Classes listed, by the way.

So we built 25, ….  these were the others that caught my eye:-

  • Albacore 10
  • Contender 5
  • Enterprise 12 (UK)
  • Fireball 30
  • 49er 7
  • GP14 29
  • Javelin 4
  • Merlin Rocket 15
  • RS400 12
  • Solo 90 (wow – what’s going on there!)
  • Wayfarer 120 (Blimey!!)

1 thought on “Yachts and Yachting – Annual Dinghy Classes Review…..

  1. Solo build figure seems to be down on recent years, but the rate they are upgrading at HISC ahead of the 2013 Nationals there it should get a boost next year – Ges New

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