Jib Trimming….!!

Just started to crew a fifteen??  So what do you think of this jib trimming lark??  Pretty easy, huh??  Pull a bit, let a bit out, watching those woolly things, get shouted at a bit !!!!

Well, actually, to my surprise a couple of christmases ago, I got given an entire book about jib trimming…. “Hah, who needs that?!”, I said !!  Funny thing is it’s a pretty good read.  It’s called “Jib Trimming – an illustrated guide” by Felix Marks.  It’s only about 70 pages long and so only £6.99 on Amazon.  Good present idea for your Bowman/Bowgirl??

If you look on Amazon, it’s got that way that you can read the first few pages as a sample.

Click here to see the Amazon Link.

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