Trailer Hub Caps…. YEAH !!!

Quite possibly most FF Hub caps are the slightly flexible black plastic type.

Just recently I have been noticing a switch to little metal hub caps as you can see in the photo. The issue here is that they don’t have the little pinhole in the front. So as you pack the grease in, you only get to know they are full when the grease shoots out of the seal at the back of the wheel.  Not very good and my new hubs fall into this category.




The thing to look out for is Bearing Buddies. Pointed out first on the Blog by Wayne Henderson in New Zealand the idea is that you have a small indicator to let you know if it’s time to get the grease gun out.

Take a look at this video

Here is one point of UK supply – you have to be very careful about the hub size.

1 thought on “Trailer Hub Caps…. YEAH !!!

  1. Mr Preston I’m sure will have a view; but I tend to take off the hub caps to pack with the gun, this lets me see how much I’m putting in exactly. Then I don’t over pack, you can do so apparently

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