Aesthetics Versus Performance……!!

It was has always seemed to me that one of the delights of FF ownership is how fabulous the whole thing looks. Don’t you agree?

So where do you stand on waterlines??  I was told that the really cool thing to do to lower your turning moments and keep your hull weight down is to despecify waterlines on the order and have a plain white hull.  That’s a pity I think.  To my taste, the plain white hulls don’t appeal quite as much to me.  Furthermore, I’m told that the ultra cool thing to do is to have a translucent hull, with less ‘white’ in it.

It is some years since the late Dave Ovington gave me a good talking to about having grey non slip deck panels.  “That’s another 2 kilos of paint right there spread right along the length of the hull.”  I’ve had white decks ever since.

I’ve just had my fourth fifteen delivered.  My previous boats have all had vaguely grey blue floor panels which look great.  I hadn’t thought to specify it, but number four has turned up with a white non-slip floor.  I can hear the late Dave’s voice now… “That’s one kilo of paint right there…”, but I have a nagging feeling it doesn’t look as good.  The boat was very light at the weigh-in though.

I also admit I have a double waterline and probably always will !!!

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