Maybe the Future of Trailers Looks Like This…..

At the Datchet Autumn Open, we spotted this trailer under a Drascombe Lugger (….sorry, sorry, sorry, everyone!…), which might give us a few tips on what is coming our way.

The two major things we noticed were:-

(i) the rear overhang was less than a metre because a frame holding the light board slides out of the forward tubing and is held in place by levers like you get on jockey wheel clamps.  (extra weight obviously – the attractions of aluminium weigh heavily on my mind suddenly)

(ii) If you look carefully, you’ll see that the A-frame of the trailer has metalwork outside the width of the boat at all points. They do this by running the sides forward parallel to each other, which also mean the retractable light board can run away easily when not towing.

(iii) I have a feeling that I have also been told that our vertical side arms may also no longer be allowed.  Major implications if that is true. Guess we shall all find out soon.

Double click to enlarge photos.


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