Classic/Silver Blogging and Website – Ivan Coryn Speaks ….!

A couple of days ago we ran a little item about having a focus on this FF blog website devoted to Classic and Silver Category FFs.  Immediately Ivan Coryn wrote in to say:-

I think a few of us need to put our heads together on this one because :

1) The fact is that there must be 1000 15’s kicking around the place whose owners are not members of the association, and if we could attract some of them it would be 
great for the class and class funds.

2) Classic boats and events are a growth area in the sport of sailing and there are not many growth areas at present! The lines of any 15 are beautiful, a classic wooden 
one even more so. A Gallery might increase the I must have thougths!

3) Attendance at Regattas, such as Falmouth Week, has fallen to such a level that it can only be described as appalling. These weeks are places where people often first 
see a 15, and they need to be encouraged. If we don’t look after home regattas, exotics such as Garda will fall by the wayside, and then where are we.

4) A section on say maintenance tips could be equally applicable to Classics and modern alike.

5) With some thought older boats could become more family orientated, for example fitting a Gnav opens up the cockpit making the boat much friendlier for family sailing, 
especially boats like Wyche & Coppocks with their internal seat arrangement.

6) The class must remember the top end is not everything.

I hope this helps.


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