Twin Genoa Cars…….

You probably remember when we had the vogue for twin genoa tracks on each side tank – it was/is prevalent for Ovington Mk IX’s.

The idea was pretty simple – use the inside track on flat water and light breezes and the outside track to open the slot when it blows a bit. We used ours a lot and were very happy with it, I must say.

Then along came adjustable jib cars and we went back to single tracks again. So if the double track system was so good, what are us mortals to make of this?

The most recent new addition to our fleet, in the hands of Andy Clark, is 3911. Take a look at this. Of course, this boat has history. I believe it was the boat that narrowly missed the worlds by one point or something like that in the hands of Barry Parkin – and then subsequently became the steed of Russell Peters.  One of them obviously is a twin track fan!!  (Double click to enlarge the photo)

One thought on “Twin Genoa Cars…….

  1. You might find that when the boat was commissioned it was from Bax so the carrs were set for his Sails. I believe then that Russell changed to Goacher sails necessitating he new carrs. I might be wrong best sat Tim Hall. I also think that Barry used a Batt suit of sails for a while

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