Largs Again – Yeah….!!

I just stumbled into the bookcase in my office and the BIFFA 2008 yearbook fell into my hands – and tumbled open at the 2007 Nationals Results – the last time we were at Largs !!!

So last time we were there, Steve and Phil took it by a substantial margin – plus ca change, eh !!  Then second overall went to our very own Jeremy Davy, who crewed by John Mildred managed to take the second race off ‘The Gods”, slightly slowing their path to victory!!

Third that year??  Charles sailing with Alan Green. I haven’t seen Charles for a while but I imagine he is off to Largs in ten days time, and taking the refreshed carbon wunderboat with him.


As it’s Scotland, I reckon we can expect a big turnout from the fans of the Classic and Silver
Fleet and look forward to an excellent set of races from them.  It’ll be home ground and very accessible, so expect a strong fleet from them.

It’s a glorious venue of course.  Look at these photos from Fotoboat and you’ll see what I mean.   Last time I was there it howled all week!   I haven’t laid a hand on a long term weather forecast just yet, but from these fabulous photos last time it looked as breezy as can be.

Have you seen the strong sponsorships we have got this year?

Overall headline sponsor for the event is Allen Brothers.  Allen will be contributing prizes and support during the whole week.  Probably just as important for competitors is the pair of generous hospitality sponsors for this

Championship!!  – who are Loch Fyne and
perhaps alarmingly for the Constabulary, the Loch Lomond Distillery !@!

The event is also generously supported by our sailing industry
sponsors – Goacher Sails, Ovington Boats and our favourite chandlery, P&B.



The fabulous photos in this article are by kind permission of Alan Henderson at Fotoboat. They are all taken at the 2007 Largs Championship and for those of us who cannot attend, we shall be filled with envy !!

Alan and Fotoboat will be covering the event with both photography and news support, so we can expect to hear a lot from him before the month is out !!!

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