EU Compliant Trailers – a Glimpse into Our Future……

Have you been following the very interesting thread of conversation about new trailer regulations started by David Hume and then picked up by Ian Preston, Graham Lamond and Keith Jamieson??  You have got to wonder what the RYA were doing to protect our interests and at least inform the debate while all this was going on in Brussels……

I must say it sounds like another EU Bureaucratic bungle, doesn’t it? They probably even think they’ve had public consultation, but we were out racing at the time.

My honest reaction is that anyone thinking of needing a new trailer in the next four years should order one now and keep it behind the shed until you need it.  I bet this takes some time to work through and whatever the answer is, you won’t like it. Especially the extra cost.

My key reason for saying this is that I think my Dragon Trailer was built to these standards.  I know it was for 2 tonnes of boat, plus being a four wheeler, but the cost new from Switzerland was £8,000.  (Double click on photo to enlarge- note the light board sticking out the back)

You will see from my photos that the lighting board has to be extended back behind the transom. If you can make it out from the photo, the bearers slide out from the back of the A-frame where they live normally as inner sleeves. The weight of the lighting board is supported by pre-set wire strops to a rear mast support that sits across the transom. (See photo on right – double click to enlarge…)

You might also see that the trailer has permanent electrics, which for Dragons is no problem, but if we have to include those (see David Hume’s article) heaven knows what we’ll do for submersible FF trailers.

This photo on the left shows how the light board arms retract by sliding into the A-frame when stored at the marina.

Ironically I sold the Dragon to a guy in Greece, and he’s racing it at Athens now when riots permit….!

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