The FF Advert from 20 Years Ago…..!!

I was clearing out some old paperwork when I came across this cutting in one of the files…

It’s from Y&Y maybe about 1995 or so… Veronica was Secretary then, I see.  Look! … telephone numbers had still not gone to the “01” style…!  Hoods were obviously strong enough to place an ad with us – but Ovington, Goacher Sails and Hayling were advertising with us even then. Can anybody tell me definitively what has happened to Hayling Trailers??

What really caught my attention though was the strap line -” all the thrills without the spills” .  It’s a pretty good summary of what the recent ‘brand image’ survey told us….

1 thought on “The FF Advert from 20 Years Ago…..!!

  1. I’ll take the credit for that one thank you!!
    It was 1993 when I was Publicity Officer.
    Hoods were still selling a few sets of sails and I believe Veronica and Ben used them quite successfully.

    Ian Preston
    FF 3293

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