Carbon Lords…….

I happened to be at Lords for the Test Match on Friday and by amazing coincidence, there sitting but five feet away in the Stand, was Chris Waples.  You may recall me waxing lyrical about his fabulous new carbon FF at the Dinghy Show.

Well, anyway, chat about cricket and Strauss’ century, was suspended for a moment and Flying Fifteens took over. As they do.  Chris sounds delighted with the new Ovington boat from Phil Evans ….”very quick” – and he says that he notices the extra stiffness most,  upwind in a chop.  The Bulwark this year was a breezy outing (day two cancelled after the Ferries wussed out) and Chris and Tom sailed very quickly.  Relative to his previous 6 year old boat, he says the carbon gifted stiffness was very noticeable on the beats that day….


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