“BIFFA – What’s In a Name?” – Adrian Simpson Speaks….

On 29/11/50, the Flying Fifteen Owners’ Association was formed.  I think the name gives a reasonable indication of who they thought it existed for.  In due course it became the National Flying Fifteen Owners’ Association, almost as much a mouthful as our current name.  As we were still a national class, the NFFOA combined the roles taken by BIFFA and FFI.  When the class gained international status (1977-8 ish), FFI was set up to administer the class internationally (realistically by the UK until the constitutional re-write in mid 90s), and the remainder of the NFFOA functions became BIFFA, the Irish association didn’t come into being until some time later (sorry not sure when), so British Isles was a better descriptor than British or UK.

Ironically, the class was probably more widespread when it was a national class than it is now.

Since there was no class association, who organised the 1949 and 1950 Nationals ?


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