BIFFA – Who Gets to Vote…..

I’ve just seen your blog posting on the fact that non-boat owning members don’t get to vote in our Association….

Be careful in what you wish for, it may come true.

At the moment those that get a vote are those who have made an investment in the class (bought a boat), and a few non boat owning members who are life honorary members (most, if not all of whom are either ex-owners or ex-joint owners).  As you correctly state, the class has a number of non-boat owning members, some of whom have been members for donkey’s years, and in some cases (Phil, since you mention him), have been outstanding supporters of the class, so why shouldn’t they have a vote.  How do you decide at what point a non-owner is worthy of having a vote ?

I am aware of other organisations that have been “troubled” and some factions have engineered the situation to load the voting process in their favour.  Not a good situation in either the short or long term. I’m not for a moment suggesting that BIFFA is “troubled”, but by allowing anyone a vote, it would be relatively easy for someone to sign up a load of mates (who might not even know or care what a Fifteen is) and skew the voting accordingly.  The number of people who vote is usually low, so it wouldn’t be that hard to do.  This could also apply to FFI votes (if my quick scan of their constitution is correct).

The solution to this problem ? I don’t have one.

Name and Address Withheld!!


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