FF Trailer Supports……

I have a rather old laminated  Flying 15 which I removed the keel from to repair as it was getting quite rusty.  I then noticed that the hull was buckled slightly inwards just aft of the keel.  This has now been repaired by cutting out and scarfing in plywood, and careful work with fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin.

However when I come to fit the keel and hull back in the trailer it is quite clear that it was never properly fitted in the first place.

I notice that a lot of the English boats do not have supports under the hull, but rest on the keel, on the support near the bow and with side supports on the upper part of the top sides.

I also see that one of the websites which supplies English flying 15 trailers, does not recommend hull supports at all, describing them as spinnaker guy and sheet tanglers.

Do you have any recommendations or experience to comment on whether I should use supports under the bilge of the boat as was done previously considering it has an older and more delicate laminated hull?

What I propose doing is bolting the hull to the keel,  and then modifying the trailer until it fits.  Fortunately I have an overhead electric hoist so I can lift both the keel through its centre of gravity (where I have a large shackle temporally fitted) and partially support the boat at the same time by the strop going around the hull and through the shackle.

This will make getting it fitted to the trailer relatively simple as I can keep raising and lowering it until I have everything right.

But it would be much simpler if I do not have to put hull supports under the bilges.

I would appreciate a brief comment from you as to whether you think I should use the bilge supports.


Anthony Lealand

1 thought on “FF Trailer Supports……

  1. We have plenty of classic here in NZ that we have rebuilt trailers for, we are going for side supports to steady hull on trailer, I will take some photos of what we are doing and submitt them as soon as I can, watch this space

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