Chris Turner of Ovington Speaks on Under Deck Furling Gear…..

The boat pictured in the FF Blog at the dinghy show is 3972 now out in Australia.
The under deck furler is a modified Allen Brothers Cat fitting. The boat also used a chute, the furler was rebated in to the underside of the deck so did not affect the spinnaker use at all.
We did have one or two teething problems with the line jumping the drum, but that was quickly resolved.
The new boat for 2013 is on the way and will most certainly be featuring the under deck furler once again.

Chris Turner

One thought on “Chris Turner of Ovington Speaks on Under Deck Furling Gear…..

  1. I fitted underdeck furling gear to “Fighting Machine”, 3293 in 1990. The main benefit was in having the attachment straight through to the hull instead of having to have the deck area reinforced to take the load of of the jib tack, thus reducing weight in the end of the boat significantly. There is a chute type hole in front of the forestay but only to give access to the furling gear and save a bit more weight.

    The additional benefit of not having the sheet getting fouled under the furling gear, particularly when using bags, became relevant when we were able to remove the forestay, which had previously kept the sheet clear.

    The reduction of windage was a factor in the thought process, but I can’t believe it is that significant.

    Ian Preston.

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