Under Deck Furlers…..

You may recall that at the 2011 Dinghy Show, we saw an under deck genoa furler on a Fifteen there. “About time too”, did I hear you all say? After all, the FD’s that I raced in the seventies all had these.

Didn’t catch on though, did it? We don’t have one at our Club yet – but having said that I think that 3948, of which the new lucky owner is Chris McLaughlin, is about to arrive with one fitted.

I asked Phil Evans about it at Alexandra Palace. Usually an innovator, he’s not keen in this case.  First off, it complicates life below deck if you ever want to have a chuted spinnaker. Second, he says it is a devil to fit and maintain. Thirdly, a very good point actually, you can’t take advantage by attaching the tack at deck level as the rules don’t allow it. Our genoa tack has to be 100mm above deck.

So – we’ll wait and see what history does for this idea…..  I’d just like a foolproof way that the spinnaker sheets don’t get wrapped or jammed around the furler kit. We have simple bits of weeny elastic to act as preventers – it works pretty well actually.

2 thoughts on “Under Deck Furlers…..

  1. My old classic 3021 had an under deck furler, that I had since (thankfully) taken back up into the weather. down below, fitting the dammed thing aside, keeping it serviced was a real drag, if you ever want to catch anything, then put one underneath, it’s so efficient you will even catch the crews lunch in it.

  2. The boat pictured at the dinghy show is 3972 now out in Australia.
    The under deck furler is a modified Allen Brothers Cat fitting. The boat also used a chute, the furler was rebated in to the underside of the deck so did not affect the spinnaker use at all.
    We did have one or two teething problems with the line jumping the drum, but that was quickly resolved.
    The new boat for 2013 is on the way and will most certainly be featuring the under deck furler once again.

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