Shroud Derakers….

To a lot of club racers, “Derakers” will mean nothing. In fact, Alan Bax has been advocating different rakes of rig in different wind strengths for a long time. Indeed, Alan fitted those old screw type stay masters to my very first fifteen, 3537.

We had a fleet conference at the top of the slip one recent windless day in February, to find that about 5 of us had derakers fitted…. but none of us ever used them – ha ha ha!!  The difference between Alan Bax and ourselves, obviously!!

Steve Goacher and Phil Evans were always of a mind to advise their customers not to bother raking the rig for different conditions – just slack off the genoa halyard if you feel the need. So I was very surprised to see that Phil had fitted derakers to the shrouds of the Show boat at the Dinghy Show. It seems that they are starting to occasionally use them now….hmmm….

Oh!!!  A couple of days back I wrote about the new style fairlead for twinning lines – the polo-mint type fairlead. Here is a much better picture of the same fitting…..



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