Lightweight Tiller Hoods…..

Have you seen the new lightweight carbon tiller hoods – John Hanson used one as part of his weight reduction program.  Do you know the thing that I mean?

If you haven’t seen one, click here

Well, I noticed in one of the photos from the Australia Chamionships in Perth, that to my surprise Steve Goacher’s new boat there, 3988, wasn’t using one.  Then, at the Dinghy Show, the new Phil Evans boat was using the ‘normal’ tiller head assembly.

I asked Phil about this.  He said he has both types in stock but so far is a little unconvinced that the strength of the new unit will be sufficient.

Hmmm – I am sure the carbon fibre fans out there in the fleet will have something to say to that….. But for now, my pennies will stay in the piggy bank…..

3 thoughts on “Lightweight Tiller Hoods…..

  1. I’m with Phil on this one carbon doesn’t do sharp edges well. Lift the tiller by mistake sideways pressure( see steering) and bang race over. I’m a fan of the wooden tiller for the same reason!

  2. So does the carbon tiller hood replace the big lump of bronze too, or just the bit made from bent stainless steel?

  3. The carbon hood replaces the stainless hood only, not the block.
    I would say the way they are constructed they would be stronger than the stainless version.
    We used one last season, the only issues, like any mix of materials, is to keep it clean to prevent corrosion.

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