Details, Details……

You might want to double click the photo to enlarge this….  but there are two very nice detailing points here.

First – you have to love the attention to detail that Phil Evans put into the Waples boat at the Show. Look, he has even tapered the twinning lines….!

The other thing which you might not be able to see so well is the bullseye that he used for the twinners.  Can you see – the exit hole is upwards, but the line enters the bullsye from the side. Hopeless photo, but I didn’t realise what I’d got until the next day….  If you imagine supporting a polo mint (with the hole!) laterally on two small pillars. That’s what it looks like….

I wonder how effective that is actually. The only problem we ever had with a bullseye, is the knot getting stuck in it.  Interesting though – I’ve come to learn that Phil does everything for a reason….

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