John Hanson’s Weight Loss Program (FF)….

We may have written few days ago that John Hanson, Fleet Captain at Datchet, has had his boat in the shed for a couple of weeks generally drying/fettling, but specifically try to shed the 3kgs that he is above minimum weight.

The boat is an exceptionally tidy Mk IX with a glorious Championship record – once upon a time the Jerwood boat, I think. Anyway, things get heavier over time – and the boat does too !…  So shedding 3kgs is not that easy when you stop and think about it. The same applies to the boat!!

John has done some thoughtful refitting, gone carbon at the tiller and so on. The idea that got my attention was the tunnel cover in the floor. He had the same thing that many or most of us have – a wooden or GRP panel covering the trough, with a handle running along its length – like an inverted “T” in cross section.

Weighs a bit don’t you think?? Fixed to the boat so inside the minimum weight too. And on our Mk X, actually there is a right way round and a wrong way round. Plus we have probably all had our Bowman kick it out of position – easily done, in fact…

Well – John decided to get one moulded in  carbon. Smart move and a great contribution to the weight loss program.  Not only that though, why have the T-bar handle??  If there is no T-bar handle, the Bowman cannot kick it out of position, right? – plus it is easier to fabricate obviously. So how does John get it in and out easily?? He has a 1″ hole at each end to act as a finger pull – a hole weighs nothing obviously !  To see the crew area with a dead flat floor looks very useful to me – a good upgrade.

It would make quite a great aftermarket accessory from our favourite chandlers, don’t you think?  – or a good Vac Student task at Ovington maybe. I wonder how many shapes there are – just two for Ovington??  There would be several dozen owners out there who might want one.

I must try and get a photo of John’s work next time I see it.

1 thought on “John Hanson’s Weight Loss Program (FF)….

  1. Thats really interesting, I am currently going down a similar route for my silver boat. the floor weighs 2.25 kilos. I am using a glass mesh and foam rather than carbon and hope to come in weighing less than 1kilo. Biggest issue is strength as my floor is much bigger than the new boats. Malcolm

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