FF Fine and Coarse Rig Tension Adjustment…..

Perhaps the thing that intrigued me most about the layout on Geoff Bayliss’ carbon Fifteen, is the approach to rig tension.  I realise that if you have ten Fifteens in a row there may be eleven approaches to this technical challenge!!

For those of us who don’t have a standard Phil Evans produced layout, that rig tension comes up to the console on some huge ratio, and the excess line flies away under the floor on shock cord. ….

But anyway, the main point of this is that Geoff does away with all of that. He uses a fine and coarse adjustment system (our Dragon was full of them) – that is to say there are two lines. The coarse adjustment, on a very low ratio (so not much string) gets the halyard hook to roughly the right position. In Geoff’s boat that is the black line on the front corner of the console. Pull it on as hard as you can, and there won’t be much excess line flopping around at all. The hook only moves about 6 inches, after all.

Double click the photo to see it larger….  So how does the fine rig tension adjuster work??  Well, for that last inch or two of hook movement, there is a higher ratio cord. Can you just see in the photo a little swivelling cleat on the back of the console?? Just below the mainsheet?? That’s it right there. That’s the fine rig tensioner. I must chat with Geoff about how effective he finds this – it means less wet string in the boat I reckon, but it is also distributed differently….

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