Fly Away Pole Fans… Seen This??

I must admit that we’ve tried fly away poles on two of our Fifteens and not got on with them. Charles is dead keen, so it must be us obviously…!!

Aside from the details, I just don’t like kit in the boat that is not symmetrical. Then along comes P&B with this – the twin spiro …. one for each side !!  Click here to see it.

You can see the twinspinno in action on this video – which is a really nice promotional idea from P&B.

3 thoughts on “Fly Away Pole Fans… Seen This??

  1. These used to be all the rage in the eighties and early nineties, and then dropped out of fashion in Fifteens.

    Wait until you see Baxi with twin poles!! That’s the test.
    And why oh why put a publicity video out and not let the twinning line off. Probably too many other bits of string to be pulling with the Twin Pole system!!

    Ian Preston
    FF 3293

  2. It looks like sheets and guys on both sides with the guys permanently fed through the end of each pole…twice the string, twice the number of poles, double your chances of problems…mmm…really not convinced with this one.



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