More on the 2012 Carbon Ovi FF….!!

I spent some time at the Midwinters gazing longingly at Geoff Bayliss’ beautifully fitted out carbon Ovington X from Phil Evans.  Absolutely brimming full of neat and clever ideas….like fine and coarse rig tensioners…. We’ll publish some photos on this boat soon.

Then our Google web crawler spotted that P&B have just published their 2012 FF Price list.  It lists “carbon inner skin, hull only” as an optional extra…. Is that the same as a “carbon hull”, or is it something else?? I don’t know, but will try and find out….

The price premium for a “carbon inner skin” is £960 including VAT (so £800 basic price).  So that is an 11.3% price hike on the basic hull, but probably a 5-6% price increase on your total boat price….. I reckon that it will become “standard” pretty quickly, don’t you??

The price list also shows a carbon tiller hood at £76, but in the very nice new catalogue that arrived it is listed at £140…. I am sure there will be an explanation behind that!!!

You can see the price list here

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