2011 Southern Travellers!!….

The final open for the series took place at Datchet on 15/16 October.   

Those who studied the weather forecasts and decided not to come got it right.       Saturday was a beautiful sunny day but sadly just enough wind to allow a trickle round for the first race;   and the wind failed entirely at the end of the second.    On Sunday, we had thick fog.    After several cups of coffee we gave up, distributed prizes and went home.

Results for the series

As usual, no-one qualified for the open fleet.

The silver prize was won by Alex and Mike Tatlow in 3288 from South Cerney.

The classic prize went to Tony Oatley and Tim Greaves in 2801 also from South Cerney.    No, 2801 is not an error.   The boat is one of those numbered above 2700 and subsequently classified as a true classic.

Congratulations to both and to South Cerney.

Next year

It seems that fewer ffs travelled this year than last and the STS suffered from the same problem.    Three races to qualify and too few qualifiers – indeed the two winners were the only qualifiers.    Determined regulars from previous years sailed two events only.

The obvious solution is to ask for two races to qualify.    If we do that it is quite possible that a classic from, for example, Llangorse and  another from Broxbourne  could win two races each without sailing against each other!    Something similar could apply to the silver fleet.

Watch this space!


Mike Firth


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