Garda – Transportation Options….

We got to chatting in the bar last week about options for people wanting to get to Garda in 2012.  To be honest, it’s a fair way. ….

John Hanson came up with an interesting idea – hiring a flat bed truck, putting some fifteens on the truck (how many depends on truck size obviously) and tow one behind. This might be as small as a single boat size flatbed truck, but maybe bigger. Then some teams could fly down one one team drive all the kit down.

It seems that in August you can’t drive trucks on a Sunday in Italy, says John, but given the Garda NOR that should be OK.

If you would be interested to chat with John about this idea, then email us at and we’ll forward the email to him.

2 thoughts on “Garda – Transportation Options….

  1. And for those planning to drive their own boat down (like me) I have worked out a good route avoiding holiday queues on the German Autobahns, Brenner Pass, Gotthard Pass and Milan – all known blackspots on holiday weekends.

    It takes a day and a half. Ask me for details if you are interested.

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