The Datchet Open…..

Twelve Flying Fifteen teams, including three visitors, rolled up on Sunday 16th October to be greeted by a pea soup of a fog, copious coffee, and New Zealand thrashing the Aussies on TV.  No contest really…. The Club Weather Station gave the average wind as 0.0knots…





The Saturday had kicked off under blue skies and 7 knots of gently failing breeze – the PRO setting out to get three races in.  The fleet was led out of the gate by Mike Firth and James Waterhouse making their second great start of the year! Tacking around the first buoy they led off to the wrong mark, the Fleet dutifully following.  John Hanson and Helen Selden, tail end Charlies at that point, spotted the error and pushed out to windward and into the lead.  The fleet, of course, rolled over Firth and Waterhouse pushing them to the back. Race one was brilliantly won by Chris and Tom Waples, ahead of Hamish MacKay and Andrew Lawson, with Hanson and Selden coming in third. Race two was again taken by The Waples, followed by Whittaker and Fairley of the home Club, and Hanson and Selden again squeezing on to the podium.

The breeze then died and the PRO called it a day.  Sunday was washout what with the fog and no breeze. Overall results were dominated by The Waples, followed by Hanson/Selden, Whittaker/Fairley both of the home Club.

Overall Results:-


1st  3716  Waples/Waples  2pts

2nd 3539 Hanson/Selden   6 pts

3rd  3732 Whittaker/Fairley 7pts

4th  3788  MacKay/Lawson  8 pts

5th  3378  Clark/Boyd-Philips  11pts

You can see more photos and commentary on the Datchet Fleet Website here

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