Datchet Racing – Sunday 2nd October ….!

We had an extremely hot sunny day at Datchet today – with very little wind as you can see.  Half a dozen teams turned up, but we abandoned racing – the large 29er training fleet (in photo) went out about 1030, but were towed back around midday.

Of bigger debate was the suddenly lower water level. London has drunk a lot in the last week (this is one third of London’s stored water), it seems.

This is not a disaster for our racing yet though – there is a large flat concrete beach yet to expose. Actually launching off there is rather good and very convenient – the club normally takes the keelboat pontoon and pushes it out at 90 degrees to the shore – all very civilised! We obviously need a wet autumn though….

Read more about it here . There are more photos in this link showing what the north beach launching arrangements will probably look like…..

Good news – we had another new team roll up today. Jeff and Simon from Lymington have joined as winter members and are going to race a Club loan boat through the winter while they sort out buying a Flying Fifteen for themselves.

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