More on Encouraging Club Fleets….

A couple of days back, we ran an article on the Solo and Merlin Associations. Rodger Webb of the Draycote Fleet left this comment on that article. I thought it made several good points and was worth publishing afresh….  This is what Rodger said:-

Hello, It may be of interest to know that the RYA offer help in “Activating your Fleet” We at Draycote have had a meeting with the RYA rep who was very helpful and provided us with a full manual, called Activating Your Fleet, with lots of suggestions and ideas. I haven’t had time to implement it yet but hoping to over the next year. The key word seems to be – communication.
Personally I don’t see other Fleets (Solos, FB as our competition rather the insidious increase of handicap racing (an oxymoron in my opinion) . This of course driven by the constant introduction of new boat models every year making the previous model redundant and therefore very cheap. I am joining forces with other fleets here to try to battle this disease and encourage fleet racing. Not easy! We need to promote the benefits of fleet racing and the economics of the 15 (low depreciation, long life) . Just some thoughts!

Rodger Webb
Draycote Water SC

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