More on FF Team Racing at Bassenthwaite – October 22/23….!!

The Bass Team  Racing weekend is a fun way to end the season and have a last get together before Winter sets in.

The Lakes at this time of year are absolutely beautiful, so why not make a long weekend of it. School half term is the following week.

The format is similar to that of the Admiral’s Cup. The boats race as a fleet and the team’s points are added together for the team score. This means that everyone has to keep trying as battling out of last place by a couple of spots still helps the team.

There is no need to come as “club” team, teams can be made up as anyone wishes and if you can’t find any team mates or are one short we will arrange to help make up a team. On one occasion, for example, Steve Goacher and Mike Hart arrived as “Billy no Mates” (I mean who would want them in their team?!) and so their partners were picked out of  the “Sorting Hat.” I’m sure you all now get the point!

To enable Classics and Silvers to compete their scores are appropriately adjusted by applying a predetermined percentage. ( I decide what is appropriate!!).

Evening entertained is the now traditional take away Chinese or Indian banquet followed by bar games and beer drinking.

The Bassenthwaite Fleet is enjoying a revival at the moment and a good turnout for this event would be a great moral boost for us. We are already pretty well guaranteed of at least 2 teams from Derwent, so get your backsides in gear and come and enjoy a last bash at Bass.

Ian Preston

Bassenthwaite FF Fleet

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