How Many Flying Fifteens in Each Country….

According to latest information out of FFI, we have 1,018 Flying Fifteens showing in the Worldwide Association Registers.  That’s not the same thing as number of Association Members though… which will be less…

This is what FFI reckon the picture is:-

UK               432

Australia    170

NZ               150

Ireland        100

Hong Kong   25

RSA               21

France          40

Belgium       15

Phillipines    6

Spain            35

Zimbabwe     12

USA               12

That gives UK 42% of the Global Fleet, and ANZ 31%….. Interesting…..  Also where did all those 3000 old lead keels go??!!

Well, part of the answer to this is that it is extremely difficult for National Associations to keep track of the National Inventory. Members lapse, records get out of date etc.  We’ve just done an census of the UK Clubs via the Club Secretaries and find that the sum total of FFs sitting in boat parks during August 2011 was 680 boats – a good bit up on 432. So you can see the problem. Plus there’ll be a few boats stashed in barns and garages etc. Maybe there are 700 here in UK. Far more concerning though is the number of boats in dereliction that the Clubs report. I haven’t an exact number on that, but it will be significant….

The other bit of maths to play with is, “what is the old boat retirement rate”? Lets guess that half the 4000 built were UK (seems reasonable). The class is 65 years old, and maybe boats have been going to end of life (retired!) for the last 50 years. So our average retirement rate for boats is 26 boats a year and in recent years you’d expect it to higher than say in the 1960s.  Is it safe to assume that 42% of recent new builds are for the UK Fleet? Probably…. So in the last ten years, there were no years that we built more boats than we retired…. The Class is shrinking gradually….. Lets get those new owners quickly !!!

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