The BIFFA Members Database – Finding Two !…

A few days ago, we wrote about what you see when you get access to the BIFFA members database….

Do you remember that we wrote if you click on a column header like “Sail Number” the list is immediately sorted on that field?  Well, if you make exactly that click, one thing should hit you straight away. See how far you have to page down before you reach the 3400 boundary between the Silver and Open Fleets….

What proportion of the BIFFA membership would you think have Classic and Silver Category boats??  25% maybe??  Well, the answer is surprising for me – it’s about a quarter of the way down page 5 – and there’s fifty entries per page…..

So that’s about 40% of BIFFA Members who are Classic and Silver Members…. Interesting.

I wonder if Classic and Silver owners feel they get 40% of BIFFA’s support and attention???  These members are probably normal Club Racing Members in the Main – not Open Meeting Travellers.  It’s a good question to ask – and another  good question to ask is , “Well, what would you want?”

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