“Flying Fifteen Blog” Website Upgrades…

We’ve made a few changes to this website in the area of the menu bar beneath the header photo.  The changes are:-

1/ Better visual and functional integration with the BIFFA brand and website. The background colour is now the same as BIFFA’s website, and there is a button in the centre of our menu bar to take you direct to the BIFFA website.

2/ The “Ladies Viewpoint” page has been moved beneath “About Ownership”.

3/ “About Ownership” now includes some extra pages which basically list all the blog entries we have ever posted under certain categories – “Trailers” for example.

4/ “About Ownership” now contains a drop down called “Builders” which gives all the information we have posted on P&B, Dingwall, Ovington, Phil Evans and Composite Craft.

Have a click around and let me know what you think on datchetman@flyingfifteen.com

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